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Building transformative skincare actives 

Sūneco Technologies designs skincare ingredients to combat sun damage and aging. The Sūneco platform is the first and only of its kind that systematically addresses key domains of ingredient failure to deliver novel products with real clinical results


Our goal is simple: deliver active ingredients that actually work how they say they will.

Mushrooms Close-Up

Our Focus — Innovation in
Ingredient Supply

We design novel compounds, often inspired by natural products, and scale them to market for the benefit of brands and consumers across the globe.


Starting a Skincare Revolution

As pioneers in ingredient supply, we empower brands with dermatologist-designed, data-driven ingredients, revolutionizing product lines with our unique compounds.

Advancing the Science of Skincare 

Early results generated by the Sūneco platform are already changing the way we think about active ingredients and their interactions with skin 

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